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Looking for a fresh flower from the fields? You need to send it from a local florist close to you deliver destination. That’s why we made a list of all local florists around the world. We also make sure a flowers shop list here is the best florist in area. Send flower from a local florist also avoid extended stays in warehouses, because the bouquets and potted plants should be at their best once they arrive.

Don’t forget to compare 2 or 3 florist for the price and quality before you send a flower online.
The best way to send flower is send it from a local flower shop. Most of the local flower shops can guarantee that all orders will be delivery within 24 hours (same day flower delivery) if you are not satisfied with the freshness or quality of your flowers for any reason


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Send flowers online directly from a local florist anywhere in the world [click on a Map]

International florist and flower shops

Local Florist

Argentina flower Argentina florist Argentina Flora Flag
Armenia flower Armenia florist Armenia Flora Flag
Australia flower Australia florist Australia Flora Flag
Brazil flower Brazil florist Brazil Flora Flag
Belgium flower Belgium florist Belgium Flora Flag
Canada flower Canada florist Canada Flora Flag
China flower China florist China Flora Flag
Egypt flower Egypt florist Egypt Flora Flag
France flower France florist France Flora Flag
Finland flower Finland florist Finland Flora Flag
Germany flower Germany florist Germany Flora Flag
Greece flower Greece florist Greece Flora Flag
Hong Kong flower Hong Kong florist Hong Kong Flora Flag
India flower India florist India Flora Flag
Iran flower Iran florist Iran Flora Flag
Ireland flower Ireland florist Ireland Flora Flag
Italy flower Italy florist Italy Flora Flag
Japan flower Japan florist Japan Flora Flag
Jordan flower Jordan florist Jordan Flora Flag
Malaysia flower Malaysia florist Malaysia Flora Flag
Mexico flower Mexico florist Mexico Flora Flag
New Zealand flower New Zealand florist New Zealand Flora Flag
Netherlands flower Netherlands florist Netherlands Flora Flag
Norway flower Norway florist Norway Flora Flag
Philippines flower Philippines florist Philippines Flora Flag
Portugal flower Portugal florist Portugal Flora Flag
Russia flower Russia florist Russia Flora Flag
Singapore flower Singapore florist Singapore Flora Flag
Spain flower Spain florist Spain Flora Flag
South Africa flower South Africa florist South Africa Flora Flag
Taiwan flower Taiwan florist Taiwan Flora Flag
Thailand flower Thailand florist Thailand Flora Flag
UK flower UK florist United Kingdom Flora Flag
Ukraine flower Ukraine florist Ukraine Flora Flag
USA flower US florist United States Flora Flag
Vietnam flower Vietnam florist Vietnam Flora Flag
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